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Overview Of Criminal Arrest And Bail Bond Process In Connecticut


Criminal arrest process in Connecticut

An arrest occurs when an individual is taken into custody by legal authority with or without a warrant, based on probable cause that the individual has committed a crime.

Booking process in Connecticut

The accused is brought to police headquarters where a formal record of the arrest and the reasons for the arrest are composed. Also known as "booking".

Pre trial release scenarios in Connecticut

Pending court proceedings the suspect has a right to be released from jail on bail, except in capital felony cases.

If the suspect was taken into custody under a warrant, the amount of the bond may have been preset by the judge. If the bond amount was not preset, the police will make an initial decision as to whether to release the suspect with a written promise to appear or non-surety bond or surety bond.

Bail bond service in Connecticut

If the suspect has been given surety bond he or she must post bail in order to be released from jail.

If bail bond is provided by a bail bondsman, the suspect will be released from Connecticut judicial custody usually within few hours.

For a set fee, a bail bond can be purchased through bail bondsman. Financing is available with 0% interest. Use bail bond calculator to calculate bail bond fee and bail finance options.